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That’s the common thread that ties the 2,400 Economic Club of Chicago members together – and its north star for nearly 100 years. Top business and civic leaders, with an unrelenting drive to learn more, discuss more and connect more with a diverse set of peers across every industry. A rigorous application and election process ensure a carefully curated membership that reflects Chicago’s rich corporate history, as well as cultural and nonprofit centers and entrepreneurial energy.

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The Economic Club Membership is at the Heart of Chicago’s C-suite.

Comprised of Chicago’s top leaders, members are recognized for their contributions across the city, the country and the world. The membership process emphasizes maintaining a balance between experienced and upcoming executives so that one generation of Chicago business and civic leaders can meet with and learn from their successors.

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Membership Advantages

Experience More Speakers

Eight U.S. Presidents and more than 10 visiting heads of state have addressed the Club throughout its history. Recent guests have included Dr. Anthony Fauci, Senators Mitt Romney and Amy Klobuchar, Nike CEO John Donahoe, Sal Khan, Merck & Co.’s Ken Frazier, United CEO Scott Kirby, Target CEO Brian Cornell, Citi CEO Jane Fraser and Bill Gates.

All keynote speaker programs are offered at downtown Chicago venues or are accessible through a livestream link. Most offer post-program discussions and live Q&A.

Membership Advantages

Participate in More Dialogue

Several times a year, members participate in thought-provoking forums about current, global issues facing business, government and society. ECC members formulate solutions, make plans and form bonds. Small, member-driven Member Exchanges give members a platform where they can engage more casually on topics from the latest business trends to their love of the Blues.

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Membership Advantages

Cultivate More Connections

Members are leaders in their fields with a drive to do well, do good and meet others with the same purpose. With many large speaker-focused events and small group meetings throughout the year, members often meet peers from industries beyond to their own. It’s those serendipitous connections that expand social networks and make the ECC – THE Club.

Path to Membership

Step 1

For an individual to be considered for membership, two current members must serve as sponsors for that candidate. It is Club tradition that all correspondence regarding membership go through the candidate’s sponsors.

Step 2

Sponsors must provide the Club a biography along with a completed application for membership.

Step 3

Both sponsors must provide a letter of support, detailing the reasons the candidate should be considered for membership. Additional letters of support are welcome.

Step 4

A candidate is required to attend a Club Meeting, preferably with their sponsor.

Step 5

A representative of the corresponding membership subcommittee will review the application and determine if an interview will take place.

Step 6

At the quarterly meetings of the Membership Committee, selected candidates are elected to membership.

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To nominate an individual for membership, a current member of The Economic Club of Chicago may begin the application process via the Club’s member portal. For more information, download our brochure below.